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by Delivered Doula 

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Home Grown Vegetables

The Terrain of a Mother

There are not many analogies more perfect than comparing the terrain of a garden to the terrain of a woman preparing for conception, pregnancy, and postpartum.

No one knows your terrain like you do, no one knows what it took to get to the place in life that you are right now. 

Sovereignty, Intuition, Intention, and Nutrition...these are the things that no one can take away from us but if we don't learn to harness them, if we don't learn to listen to them, then we give their power over to others. If harnessed they are our Life Spark.



Ashley Spellman has spent the last seven years 

supporting pregnant women and their partners  in the greater metro DC area. She loves the true value she feels when helping new parents and new mothers welcome their child.

She has seen first hand the overwhelming joy this time in a woman's life can bring. She has also witnessed the challenges that many mothers face postpartum. Our culture has shifted in the right direction to put more importance on this postpartum period of life, which was long over due. 

However, what would happen if we started being proactive instead of reactive. What if we went all the way back to preconception? What if we built our bodies for pregnancy the same way you would build soil before planting a garden? And what if after yielding its fruit (your beautiful baby!) your soil wasn't completely depleted leaving you with the feeling of barely keeping your head above water. I think there is a better way! 

The Life Spark Project takes you through this amazing time in life. Our four pillars are the lenses through which we will look at everything...Sovereignty, Intention, Intuition, and Nutrition. Ashley will be your coach as you Prepare for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum.

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Nourishing your body

Nourishment is different than just feeding ourselves. It goes much deeper to the very roots of our being. Our thoughts, the food we eat, the emotions we have, the people we choose to be around, and  the work we put our hands to. How nourished are you?


Health for Conception  & Pregnancy

Unfortunately our culture doesn't put much importance on preparing for this time of life but we feel the tide turning! We are becoming more aware of what we do to our bodies and how it does indeed effect our fertility and the health of our future children!

Natural ChildBirth

Childbirth should be peaceful, brave, deeply transforming, empowering, and exhilarating. We should welcome our babies into this world without fear.The way children are born matters! However, Why do 40% of American women say that their births were traumatizing? What are we missing? 


Doula Support

Research says that a Doulas support can not only make your whole experience more enjoyable but decreases labor time  and increases natural child birth rates. A Doula trusts your body to birth your baby and knows the process from start to finish. What could that support look like for you?

Jeremy says about Ashley

From the moment we met her, the things that really stood out about Ashley were her calming presence and the depth of her knowledge and expertise.  Calling a nurse hotline with questions sometimes feels like a dice roll depending on who answers the phone, but with Ashley we always had someone we trusted who was just a text away with answers, suggestions, and encouragement.

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