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About Our Doula Support

Sovereignty, Intention, Intuition, and Nutrition.

Nourishing your body

Nourishment is different than just feeding ourselves. It goes much deeper to the very roots of our being. Our thoughts, the food we eat, the emotions we have, the people we choose to be around, and  the work we put our hands to. How nourished are you?


Health for Conception  & Pregnancy

Unfortunately our culture doesn't put much importance on preparing for this time of life but we feel the tide turning! We are becoming more aware of what we do to our bodies and how it does indeed effect our fertility and the health of our future children!

Natural ChildBirth

Childbirth should be peaceful, brave, deeply transforming, empowering, and exhilarating. We should welcome our babies into this world without fear.The way children are born matters! However, Why do 40% of American women say that their births were traumatizing? What are we missing? 


Doula Support

Research says that a Doulas support can not only make your whole experience more enjoyable but decreases labor time  and increases natural child birth rates. A Doula trusts your body to birth your baby and knows the process from start to finish. What could that support look like for you?

The Life Spark Project is a partnership of experienced doulas who have collectively attended hundreds of births. Our partnership allows us to provide you the best support possible. During labor and delivery, this means you will always be supported by a well-rested and well-prepared doula at all times.

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What is included in our Birth Support Package?

  • 4 Workshops: Completely free to you as one of our clients we offer a 4 Workshop Series on amazing topics for birth and postpartum. If taken altogether they are a full Childbirth Education Course!

  • We are on-call for you 24hrs a day, starting at the signing of the contract.

  • Complete labor support at the start of labor until after baby is born.

  • Knowledge and resources before and during your birth so that you can make the best decisions for your family.

  • Prenatal meeting at 36 weeks to talk about your birth plan and preparation for labor.

  • Breastfeeding Support from trained CLC's for the initiation of breastfeeding.

  • Emotional Support: Birth is not just physical. We understand that your mind, will and emotions are all involved.

  • Physical Support: We bring our bag of trick with us to your birth room. For hands on birthing and positioning support.

  • Around the clock Phone, Text, and Email Support from the time of hire.

  • Postpartum meeting where we will debrief your birth, talk about breastfeeding, and discuss how you are healing.

  • BirthFit's Lying In Program: Check it out HERE

  • NEW in 2023: Zoom calls every month on various topics! 

Other Services

Pregnant Woman

Nutriton Coaching

Believe it or not salads are not nutrition! They may be healthy but they hold no real nutritious value to grow your baby and keep your body healthy through pregnancy. Learn how to keep your body nourished well from preconception through postpartum with our Nutrition Coach Jamie.

Quick Lift

Virtual Fitness Coaching

Learn how to keep your body fit, through your pregnancy, for the demands of motherhood ahead. Virtual train on your time and at your gym/home gym with our BirthFit Certified Coach Emily.


Breastfeeding 101

Learn how to breastfeed for the first in this two hour course. We take you through how to hold, latch, and feed your baby. We also talk about setting goals and managing expectations throughout your breastfeeding journey. Taught my a Certified Lactation Councelor.


Mentral Cycle Course

This is a Free Course on connecting your intuition with your female cycle. Most of us have never learned how our cycles actually work. There is no much wisdom that can be gained when we listen to our bodies and have the intuition to given them what they need! 

Where does our name come from? This is fascinating!

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