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I grew up in small town Georgia. Fort building, crawdad fishing and mud bogging. The glitz and glamour of the city always called to me, so I studied Linguistics at Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta. I also minored in Spanish, and received a certificate to teach English as a second language. Having a love of culture and people, I was able to travel to 17 countries in the next 10 years. I learned more about life and people than I could ever communicate. 


In my late 20’s, I married my wonderful husband after four months. He is a military man, so we quickly moved to Germany. Germany is where my passion for birth, breastfeeding, women’s health and self advocacy began. It just so happened, that in my early 20’s, I was able to see a couple of my friend’s babies born. I was also able to attend the c-section birth of my younger sister when my mother was in her 40’s. These were amazing experiences. They stayed with me throughout my life and planted the seeds that would ultimately lead me to where I am now! While in Germany, I was able to study lactation and receive my certificate as a Certified Lactation Councilor (CLC). I also was able to study in Paris, France to become a Doula. 


It only took me 30 years, but I truly found my passion! I was able to support several of my friends and work with the German midwives, while we lived in Germany. That time was invaluable to me. The German midwives truly understand birth and listening to the needs, power, and intuition of the women they serve. It was the start also, of MY intuitive journey! For seven years now, I have supported over 500 families in the DC area though Delivered Doula and have seen the unique challenges that women face in the health care system today. I am now expanding to a more wholistic approach with The Life Spark Project, helping women from preconception to postpartum.


I have also been on my own personal journey. Rediscovering myself, my sovereignty, my intuition, my fitness, and my nutrition. I am putting all my intention on being and becoming the human I was meant to be. What I have realized over these last seven years is that we are whole women. Our bodies, our minds, our emotions, our traumas…they can’t be separated! When I started to reacquaint my whole self, it was amazing the transformation that happened. I started having victories, slow at first but the snow ball started and then the flood gates opened. Anxiety left, mind cleared, and body healed. I want all women to have these victories in their life! I’m not without fault but the confidence and clarity that I have is empowering and peaceful! 


I am currently living the RV life while I coach and support you from afar and my team supports you in person! My husband and I recently have learned how to paragliding and are P2 pilots! My son and I love to bike for miles and hike while dad is working. Personally, I’m learning how to divinely dance with myself, my creator, and the world around me! 

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My journey into the birth world has been an interesting one— I am a bachelor’s prepared registered nurse. I earned my Bachelors of Science in nursing from Florida State University while minoring in child development. For the past five years, I have worked full time in the hospital as a bedside nurse. 


However, over the past year, I have felt a gravitational pull into the birth world. Therefore, I furthered my nursing education with a doula training course. Although I had a deep understanding of the anatomical and physiological side of birth, I have now gained a new perspective on the mental, physical and spiritual strength that it takes to usher life into this world. Women are so powerful! I am so fortunate and thankful to witness and support women as they open a portal to usher life earth side.


As a bedside nurse, I navigated my way through the complex medical system— advocating for my patients day in and day out. I have had the fortune to serve people on the first days of their lives and on the last days of their lives. Birth and death. Beginning and end. 


In my last year of nursing school, I began to dive into the world of holistic health. The idea that health does not come from a pill bottle. Intuitively we all know this. Health is derived from sunshine, real whole food, movement, spiritual connection, and community with others. Through the past five years, I have felt the tension between the conventional medical system and what I believe to be the medicine of the future. A return to historic health. Eating real whole food, moving our bodies, being connected with each other, the earth, and God. This is what heals people. This is what gives us the energy and the spark that we chase after every day.


The Western medical system has done so much good and has saved so many lives. However, we must call a spade a spade. The healthcare industry is a business. When you walk through the doors of a hospital, you become a number. You become subject to “hospital policy” and while policies may have altruistic intentions, often times they cannot account for the specific nuance in YOUR situation and in YOUR birth. As your doula, I can partner alongside you to ensure that your voice is not lost in the noise.


I am a licensed registered nurse in the state of FL, VA, MD, and DC. When I attend your birth, I bring with me all of my medical knowledge and training as a nurse. However, more importantly, my doula training has prepared me to support you in your specific birth journey. One where you feel empowered, peaceful, centered, and connected to yourself and your baby.


I believe that all women should be able to get pregnant, feel great during their pregnancy and have the energy they need to enjoy motherhood. Our modern lives are very different from what

our ancestor’s lives looked like yet our biology hasn’t changed. Our standard American diet has

robbed us of key nutrients that our bodies need. We live under chronic stress from our jobs and

modern way of life and are exposed to chemical toxins everywhere we go. This is leading to a

host of issues that our ancestors never dealt with like obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune

diseases. And for so many women of childbearing age, living this modern stressful life leads to

infertility, uncomfortable side effects during pregnancy, and physical and emotional depletion

during pregnancy and postpartum. But through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes that work

with your body, you can not only survive this modern, stressful world, but thrive in it.

Building a baby is hard work and takes a huge amount of resources. As a mom of two young

boys, I know how important it is for a mother to feel her best during all stages of pregnancy and

motherhood. I work with women one-on-one to make nutrition and lifestyle changes to balance

their hormones, improve energy levels, prepare their bodies for pregnancy and recover


I have been interested in health and medicine my entire life, but it wasn’t until I was faced with

my own health struggles in my 20’s that I realized just how important nutrition and lifestyle are

to our overall health. I was working at a job I didn’t like, eating a diet that I thought was healthy

(spoiler alert, it wasn’t) and putting my body under tremendous stress training for marathons and

triathlons all while trying to keep up a full social calendar. I hit a point where I couldn’t do

anything anymore. I was exhausted all the time but couldn’t sleep, I had intense brain fog,

digestion issues, and a cycle that was all over the map. I went to doctors who only wanted to

prescribe drugs to fix my symptoms but I knew there was a better way. I did endless hours of

research to learn how to heal my body from the inside. I changed my diet, traded some long runs

in for yoga classes, started acupuncture and did more self-care. It took some time but eventually I

felt better than I had in years.

Around this time, I also began to transition my career. Instead of helping with the development

and approval of medical products that “treat” symptoms, I wanted to help people prevent these

issues in the first place. I studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to understand more

about nutrition and then at the Integrative Women’s Health Institute to focus my understanding

of nutrition and health coaching specifically towards women. I bring everything I learned in

these programs along with my experience with my own healing and an understanding of

scientific research to help my clients make changes that positively affect their health and the

health of their future generations.

I would love to help you on your journey into motherhood. Email me at to set up your free consultation.


Emily stanwyck is a mom of two, a wife, a birth educator and doula, and a BIRTHFIT coach. She has been in the strength and conditioning world since 2009 and coaching since 2014. Emily rowed at the collegiate level, has competed on a national level in the sport of strongman, and has coached everyone from young children to seasoned humans to professional athletes. She specializes in prenatal and postpartum core rehab and strength with a mission to help women have positive pregnancies, birth outcomes, and recovery periods!

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