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My journey into the birth world has been an interesting one— I am a bachelor’s prepared registered nurse. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Florida State University while minoring in child development. For the past five years, I have worked full-time in the hospital as a bedside nurse. 


However, over the past year, I have felt a gravitational pull into the birth world. Therefore, I furthered my nursing education with a doula training course. Although I had a deep understanding of the anatomical and physiological side of birth, I have now gained a new perspective on the mental, physical, and spiritual strength that it takes to usher life into this world. Women are so powerful! I am so fortunate and thankful to witness and support women as they open a portal to usher life earth side.


As a bedside nurse, I navigated my way through the complex medical system— advocating for my patients day in and day out. I have had the fortune to serve people on the first days of their lives and on the last days of their lives. Birth and death. Beginning and end. 


In my last year of nursing school, I began to dive into the world of holistic health. The idea that health does not come from a pill bottle. Intuitively we all know this. Health is derived from sunshine, real whole food, movement, spiritual connection, and community with others. Through the past five years, I have felt the tension between the conventional medical system and what I believe to be the medicine of the future. A return to historic health. Eating real whole food, moving our bodies, being connected with each other, the earth, and God. This is what heals people. This is what gives us the energy and the spark that we chase after every day.


The Western medical system has done so much good and has saved so many lives. However, we must call a spade a spade. The healthcare industry is a business. When you walk through the doors of a hospital, you become a number. You become subject to “hospital policy” and while policies may have altruistic intentions, often times they cannot account for the specific nuance in YOUR situation and in YOUR birth. As your doula, I can partner alongside you to ensure that your voice is not lost in the noise.


I am a licensed registered nurse in the state of FL, VA, MD, and DC. When I attend your birth, I bring with me all of my medical knowledge and training as a nurse. However, more importantly, my doula training has prepared me to support you in your specific birth journey. One where you feel empowered, peaceful, centered, and connected to yourself and your baby.

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